Update on Friday’s style

DC was a record-breaking 106 yesterday and my 1940’s hair stood up pretty well. I was in New York, preparing for my move there, when I heard someone complain about the heat and I thought: This is nothing. You’re further North and your city was not built on a swamp!

I was in both cities yesterday and I tell you, DC wins. But a New York friend of mine cleverly tweeted that no amount of strategically placed baby powder was sufficient for the heat! Lmao! Only a West Indian would say that!

I guess if I can’t stand the heat I should get out of the country! Good thing I am going to Trinidad on Tuesday. Yeah it’s hot but at least there’s a nice island breeze!

See you in Trinidad! D & A


Rock n Roll- Tuck N Roll

Here’s a style I have seen a lot of people rocking from celebs like Solange to Rosie the Riveter so I have decided to try it out for myself.

1- Comb your hair so it is knot-free
2- Using a parting comb, section off a portion of your hair at the front. This should be on one side of your head.
3-Roll the hair section under (into your forehead) using your index finger. Hold it there with your finger.
4- Pin the hair section in place on either side.
5- Place the remaining hair in a side bun for a fun but polished finish.
6- Place a barrette/bandeau/scarf to the side of your new “poof” to accentuate the look. Et Voila! Easy Peasy Japanesey!

If you want to go full on retro, pair it with a cute vintage outfit and/or some retro sunglasses, which are big this season. Like these. (glasses from Forever 21)


Rants and rambles

Just a bunch of stray observations:
-Today I got asked what I used in my hair. The first girl, though running late, stopped me in Target, called her friend over, then followed me to the Shea moisture aisle. You know what I did with my hair today? Nothing! Didn’t even comb it!
-The lady wanted her texture to look like mine and asked if the product would give her that result. I tried to explain that while the curl enhancing smoothie would help with curl definition and moisture, what she saw was the result of genetics, not product. You can’t just slab something in your hair and expect a different curl pattern. And despite my having learnt this long ago (through hearsay, reading and personal experience) that false idea still persists. What we need to do is get rid of this new form of “texturism” that is emerging alongside the natural hair movement and learn to enjoy what we have instead. Forgive me, however, if I didn’t think target was the right place to get on my soapbox.
-Against my better judgement, I am trying a beauty product with a bunch of ingredients I cannot pronounce including cetyl alcohol and amodimethicone. Time to do some research. The product is Tressemé split remedy leave in conditioner. I don’t know how I feel about a leave in with silicones in it because I feel it might suffocate my strands. But I feel like I should get out of my comfort zone and since I am afraid to trim my hair I thought this might help. I saw it in Essence magazine’s top beauty products of 2012. It was cheap at my local CVS. Now I am not expecting this magically restitch my split ends: once hairs are split, they are split. I am hoping this will reduce their occurrence in the future. Here is a section of my hair right now.

-I have been wearing a stubborn red lipstick all day. Nothing would take it off, not the shower, lotions, nothing. So I took my problem to google and got recs like baby oil and Vaseline. None of which I had on hand. The first thing that came up, though, was aloe Vera gel. I had none of this either but thought to myself vegetable glycerin had similar properties. Lo and behold the colour is off!
-I am liking the whole orange lipstick look and tried on MAC “So Chaud” today. I got compliments from other customers at Macy’s but Michael, my
Photographer friend and the only reason I know anything about make-up thinks if I do orange at all I need to go darker.

What do you guys think? Bold and beautiful? Or Bozo the clown?
Red and orange kisses,
Daria and Angela

Nail Caviar: pretty, impractical

Long before I was a hair girl, I was a nail girl. I almost NEVER had professional manicures but reveled in the ritual of choosing one of my many colours, shaping and buffing my nails applying strengthener and painting away. It was a rare day when you saw me without some screaming hue on my digits. Sometimes it would take forever. I was so meticulous and would have to start over if a damp nail brushed up against some fabric.

Since then I have become a bit more practical about my nails: taking more shortcuts and letting my nails breathe more between colours (an important duty for their health). When I saw the new Ciaté nail caviar on lacedinleather’s blog, I knew there was nothing practical about it…and I wanted it anyway. Last time I went to Sephora it was staring me in the face so of course I got it.

Here’s the good:
It did not take as long to do as I expected. The pink base coat dries so quickly. And of course it looks pretty and fun (like ice cream sprinkles for your nails lol) The instructions are also very clear and helpful. I was worried about the beads rubbing off when I went to bed but they more or less stayed put. My nails still look great.

The bad:
It’s fine when you’re just walking around with your hands swinging but if you squeeze your hand into a small space or rub your hands against anything like a towel (have fun washing your hands) be prepared to feel little beads cascading off your fingertips like ants. Next, God forbid you spill the things. Spilling nail polish is always annoying but spilling the world’s tiniest beads–trying to get them back together is like herding cats. These things roll everywhere and even if you use the tray to collect them some will, inevitably, bounce and roll onto the table.

2) Apply fairly quickly. The colour base is like mascara in that it dries and sets soon after applying.
3) Let the first coat dry a FEW seconds before applying the second but as soon as you apply the second coat, pour the beads. Do not make the mistake I made: I thought I would let the second coat dry slightly to get a bit tacky. However, when I did this, the beads did NOT hold as well.
4) This is common sense (you’d be surprised) but read the directions before starting and then, follow them as you go.
5) Take their advice and put a thin top coat on- but only at the tips.
6) I like the look but it shortens my nails. I think it would look better if my nails were longer.

This manicure is only supposed to last about two days I think so I will probably just use it for certain occasions. I want to get the white beads and the violet as well. I know it’s not practical and I will see how well they hold up at my job: I wear many hats there and today I have to do a cooking demo. :/ This nail set is like that pair of impossible heels. You know you can’t do much or last very long in them but dammit! They’re so pretty you just don’t care!




A new way to wash?

It’s a wet day in Prince George’s county, MD. I hope I remembered the veggie glycerine last time I filled up the spray bottle.

Lately, I have been washing and deep treating my hair less and less. This time of year, I am not sweating too much and the dry flaky scalp of winter is gone so I can go longer between washes for a little bit, at least.

Going longer between washes is fine. It’s certainly cheaper. However, Angela misses her deep conditioning. When I have washed, the last few times I have either just shampooed and conditioned or used the condition-wash-condition method.

Last night I decided enough was enough. Despite my best efforts to moisturise and seal, when I put my water/EVOO spritz on my hair the water seemed to be quickly absorbed by my thirsty strands, leaving them with nothing but an oily feeling. My scalp was also feeling a bit dry so I decided to put my EVOO, Greek yoghurt mix on (with a little tea tree oil for the scalp).

What I did differently was braid each section of hair after I applied the yoghurt mix. I had about five or six thick plaits sitting under a warm cap for half an hour.

In the shower, I unbraided a section, shampooed it, conditioned it, ran a comb thru and braided it back. I repeated the steps all around my head and let the conditioner sit in my plaits a few minutes. Then I took them out and rinsed.

This method is widely known among natural hair bloggers. The pros of it? Manageability. I combed through my sections in one or two sweeps, no single strand knots- Angela’s greatest known enemy- and less hair being pulled out, which makes for less mess in my shower. The manageability could, however, be due to my detangling before adding the yoghurt, though. Who knows?

The cons? This was time consuming. I felt like I was racing to get out of my shower before the hot water ran out. Usually I turn the water off if I am shampooing or soaping my skin but if it’s off for too long I get cold. Next time I will try fewer plaits and see if that helps.

My hair feels great now. Yoghurt always makes my strands smoother. It dried more quickly, indicating it had enough moisture. It was also much more manageable due to both the deep treatment and the braiding. Angela is BACK!

Fellow curlies, do you shampoo in sections?

Wedding Bells!

Fun things are happening for my friends in the world of hair. First up, my bestie from college just big chopped and went all natural! Hopefully I can get her permission to show you guys a pic. She looks great (IMHO).

Second, my bestie from middle/ highschool just got engaged. She and her fiancé are making the wise decision to have a longer engagement since they are in the midst of moving back to Trinidad and job hunting. So it will likely be a year or two before I get to be a bridesmaid but I am already looking up dresses and hair with her. I’ve found some great inspiration already on Afrobella These may be of help to some of you since it is wedding season.

The look I choose will largely depend on the dress, however and it will be a while before we pick one, I’m sure. My bestie is someone I trust to not make me look like a clown and I am going to be experimenting with different up-do’s and wedding styles! So look out for those on my blog and my twitter.

Still to come: info on an upcoming play on natural hair. If you are an actress in the Washington DC area and are of African descent (doesn’t matter your hair texture) this may be for you!

Ciao for now,


I have just started getting into make-up as well as hair and it’s one of those things: the more you know, the less you know you know. Apparently I’ve been putting mascara on wrong!!! So my friend Michael took me to Ulta for the first time in my life and tonight I am going for a bday hangout with my urban decay palette and smashbox powder and primer. I also discovered the solution for the liquid-liner challenged: felt-tip eyeliner pens. They give you that same liquid look. Not bad for a first attempt, huh?

Side Braid


Today I took to protective styling in the form of a side braid. Using my hair’s natural side-part I divided my hair in two. Plaiting my hair from the part’s side and rolling it (like you do your hair before you put it in a bun) on the other side. Then I put those sections in one ponytail and braided the pony for a boho look. To improve this style I will probably use a warm blow dryer to stretch my hair slightly before hand. It was difficult to plait my hair at this length and thickness. Ah well, I’m learning.
I polished off this look with Urban Decay big fatty mascara and some earrings from Eastern Market. You will hear more on my adventures in make-up soon.

As this 80 degree DC day shows, summer is near! My favourite time! But before we slip into those bikinis I have to ask every naturalista’s favourite question: What hair products should I use? The only difference is….now I’m not talking about the hair on my head…

before i get sued: I am not saying Selita Ebanks uses this product…but she could!

Here’s a product with a naughty name and nice results. It’s called Coochy after-shave protection mist. It is an after-shave spray that I use on my bikini area, underarms-anywhere I shave-to prevent bumps and irritation and let me tell you, this product is the truth! Here’s a sad fact: curly-haired people are more prone to razor bumps and irritation.This is because instead of growing out, the hair curls back into the skin causing it to become inflamed much like it does when we have a splinter. For straight hair, however, it is easier to penetrate the skin’s surface as it grows. Think of a nail versus a screw: which one can push through a piece of wood more smoothly?

I have been using Coochy spray after shaving and waxing for about two years now to prevent and soothe inflammation and irritation. From the first use I noticed my bumps becoming fewer, smaller and further between. Now, after two years I use the spray less and less. I no longer have to use it after every shave. And who doesn’t love smoother skin? I once had a doctor compliment me on my wax. (Sorry am I oversharing? lol!) Coochy also has a shaving cream, which, I am told can also be used as a conditioner. The cream in my opinion is better than The Art of Shaving’s fancy creams but not as good as my trusty Aveeno. Coochy’s makers also now have a men’s cream (I haven’t tried) called Evolution, which I am pretty sure is just the same cream with a different scent and name because no guy wants to put some floral thing called “Coochy” on his face. Now you can recommend it to boyfriend, hubby, brother or dad. Otherwise could  you imagine? “Hey Dad try this Coochy on your face.” *awwwwwkwarddd*

Disclaimer: before you click the link to buy this product, I warn you, the website is not for the faint of heart. However there are a number of legitimate beauty products on this site as well. (Stripper dust anyone? lol.)

Ok curlies, now that you know the secret: click, like, buy and please keep the dirty jokes to a minimum. My family sometimes reads this.

xoxo. Daria and Angela.