Natural hair, healthy hair. I’m a Trini born and raised, living in  NYC. This is a blog for curly-haired women, international women, all women: adapting to different places, adopting new beauty views and secrets.



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  1. I’ve just come across your blog. Love your write ups. About me: On a similar hair journey (Caribbean parentage, born and raised in London). Coincidentally looks like we started our blogs during the same month.

  2. How can a single father convince his little girl to stay natural? I’m always pointing out and complementing natural styles around her and I’ve even given her the whole, “white cultural brainwashing” lecture but I can still tell that she longs for straightened hair.

    She’s only 8, but she’s a handful already. She’d go get a perm just to piss me off! haha


    • Well hi. First of all thanks for reading. I’m not a parent and don’t want to tell you how to raise your child but here is what I would do: a) Don’t push her. I know the more older, “wiser” people- or just anybody told me not to go natural, the more I wanted to “show” them. So let her know how you feel and then let it alone or all your dissuasion might backfire in your face. Remember to tell her she is just as beautiful straight or curly. B) show her how much fun her hair is! Have her take a day to get pampered and braided up. If you can do it yourself then go for it or get a friend to do it or take her to a natural hair salon. A little girl gets bored of buns and pigtails. Show her the fun stuff her straight hair won’t do. C) remember its her hair and choice. Even if she is a kid. Jada Pinkett-Smith actually penned a great letter to Facebook fans (google) about little girls needing to learn autonomy over their bodies and I agree with her. If a girl is told how she should look her whole life, there is a strong chance she is going to be looking for that permission and approval in adulthood and I think that is what you are trying to prevent (that submitting to the pressure to look a certain way.) Guide but don’t dictate. I hope I helped. Best of luck to you and your daughter. D

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