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How To Store Your Products with Limited Space

Hey Curls Hey! Ok I know I am supposed to be updating you on my whole “How I Spent my Summer” story and I will BUT I had to tell you about my other beautification project: my new apartment. I am still setting it up and am combing the internet for tips on how to make the most of my space. My apartment is by no means tiny but still smaller than I am used to in Maryland (AND more expensive. smdh.) and the bathroom, where most of my beauty products are, is tiniest of all. Here are my main principles for saving space.

1) Think vertically: Why take up valuable counter and floor space when you have all your free wall space? Bonus: vertical lines make your ceilings look higher.

2) Repurpose things: Just because an item says one use on the box, doesn’t mean you can’t find another more suited to your needs.

3) Size matters: When you buy objects ask yourself if they will fit where you want them and remember to consider if they will fit once you open doors and drawers around them. 

A perfect example that combines these three principles is my shower caddy: It’s not just for showers anymore. I have little counter space around my sink and lots of beauty products. I used some command hooks to hang a caddy on the wall near my mirror. You can find the hooks and the caddy online, at Target, a hardware store…really anywhere that sells home basics. Make sure of these things before you buy and hang your caddy: First, that the caddy stations will fit your widest jars and your tallest bottles. Second, that your caddy is stable. I used three hooks in different places and used tape measure and a level to hang my hook (but I’m anal that way). Third, ensure that your caddy is far enough from your medicine cabinet door that you can open the door properly and that the same is true for your bathroom door. There you see me using vertical storage, repurposing and being conscious of space. 

Note the make up brushes in a mesh pencil holder.



Other space saving ideas:

  • Hang a mesh file to store hot hair dryers and irons, as seen on lifehacker and Dream Green DIY. The mesh is important because it will withstand the heat of a freshly used tool.
  • Hang mesh (or other material) CD holders, pencil holder cubes, baskets etc for makeup storage
  • Use a mesh (seeing a pattern here?) file holder as a small garbage receptacle for loose hairs, old bottles, q-tips. I don’t have a lot of floor space in my bathroom so I needed something that would fit around my toilet…this is also why I have a very tiny toilet brush and plunger. lol.
  • Get a wall rack for nail polish. These are harder to come by but you have probably seen them in a nail salon. Your best bet is to find them on websites like ebay. If you just have a few polishes and want something cheaper and easier, a simple spice rack is a good substitute. Make sure the polish bottles will fit in the spice rack and won’t slip through the rungs.
  • Make baskets into shelves. As seen, once again, on I am obsessed with them. You can also use Ikea wooden magazine holders as corner shelves. Thank blogger Amy Antonio for that. 
  • No room for a jewellery box? hang your accessories in a hanging toiletry kit. It’s great for little barrettes  You can also put loose cords, tools or whatever you want in there.
  • Wall mounted toothbrush holders.
  • Use a shower caddy for its actual purpose. (DUH!)
  • Most of all, try not to use all these ideas at once, you don’t want to get over excited and crowd your space. Use whatever cupboard/ shelf space they give you.

Make sure to customize these storage containers to your decoration scheme as much as possible. A lot of them can be easily spray-painted (be careful about paint flammability and hot hair tools) or just come in easy, neutral colours.

Do you have any ideas for saving space in your place? I would love to know how you organize your life so you can stay beautiful with ease!

Ciao Bellas!



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Daria-Ann Martineau was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago. She received an MFA in poetry writing from NYU. She is an alumna of the Callaloo Creative Writing Workshop, The Saltonstall Arts Colony and the Bread Loaf Writers Conference. Her work has been published in The Collagist, Narrative Magazine and Kinfolks Quarterly, among others. In 2014, she was named one of Narrative's "30 below 30" and her poem, "Mine" was chosen as one of their "Top Five Poems of the Week" for 2013-14. She lives in Washington, DC.

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