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Rants and rambles

Just a bunch of stray observations:
-Today I got asked what I used in my hair. The first girl, though running late, stopped me in Target, called her friend over, then followed me to the Shea moisture aisle. You know what I did with my hair today? Nothing! Didn’t even comb it!
-The lady wanted her texture to look like mine and asked if the product would give her that result. I tried to explain that while the curl enhancing smoothie would help with curl definition and moisture, what she saw was the result of genetics, not product. You can’t just slab something in your hair and expect a different curl pattern. And despite my having learnt this long ago (through hearsay, reading and personal experience) that false idea still persists. What we need to do is get rid of this new form of “texturism” that is emerging alongside the natural hair movement and learn to enjoy what we have instead. Forgive me, however, if I didn’t think target was the right place to get on my soapbox.
-Against my better judgement, I am trying a beauty product with a bunch of ingredients I cannot pronounce including cetyl alcohol and amodimethicone. Time to do some research. The product is Tressemé split remedy leave in conditioner. I don’t know how I feel about a leave in with silicones in it because I feel it might suffocate my strands. But I feel like I should get out of my comfort zone and since I am afraid to trim my hair I thought this might help. I saw it in Essence magazine’s top beauty products of 2012. It was cheap at my local CVS. Now I am not expecting this magically restitch my split ends: once hairs are split, they are split. I am hoping this will reduce their occurrence in the future. Here is a section of my hair right now.

-I have been wearing a stubborn red lipstick all day. Nothing would take it off, not the shower, lotions, nothing. So I took my problem to google and got recs like baby oil and Vaseline. None of which I had on hand. The first thing that came up, though, was aloe Vera gel. I had none of this either but thought to myself vegetable glycerin had similar properties. Lo and behold the colour is off!
-I am liking the whole orange lipstick look and tried on MAC “So Chaud” today. I got compliments from other customers at Macy’s but Michael, my
Photographer friend and the only reason I know anything about make-up thinks if I do orange at all I need to go darker.

What do you guys think? Bold and beautiful? Or Bozo the clown?
Red and orange kisses,
Daria and Angela


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