Hello Hello Hello!

from sunny (well, more rainy these days) Trinidad. I got in Tuesday the 10th and I’ve been doing some hardcore relaxing so not much to report. A few things:

I think my Mum is scared of Angela. We went out to run a few errands and I had Angela out at her fullest.  This is the convo that followed

Mum: Daria you ent comb your hair?

Me: Yes Mummy I combed it. This is how it looks

Mum: But you walk out the house with it just so?

Me: Well since we’re driving I was going to pull it back (My fro has been known to obstruct a driver’s view, mine included)

Mum: well you mustn’t leave the house with it looking unkempt.

Me: sigh…okay Mummy (pulls back hair. I did not come on vacay to argue with Mum) It’s just an afro like the wig you used to wear in the 70’s

Mum: (indignant) no mine used to be neat. We kept it short.

What I don’t think she gets is that styles, even as they recur, evolve so the afro of yesteryear, while still cute, might seem a bit dated. Also, while natural hair is fairly common in Trinidad, it is generally worn in protective styling. Trini style tends to veer away from things that are too bold. We are really jeans and t-shirt people.

Later my Mum spotted a lady and laughed saying her hair looked like mine “That’s not an Afro that is an A-FRAID!” I had to laugh. Oh Mother.

Anyway I at least wore it in a puff for her. Surprisingly my father who once LITERALLY did not notice an elephant in the room* observed the change right away (no positive or negative opinion, he just observed it) I have been rocking a top-knot mostly and have been wearing Shea Moisture conditioner and gel in my hair. I did try out this one look to take a new visa photo. In visa pics, your hair cannot obstruct your face, which Angela tends to do…


I achieved it by leaving conditioner (silicone free!) in my hair to loosen the curl pattern. I used gel to hold it and then side parted my hair, rolling the wider side inward and securing the front of my hair into a half pony. Simple! Note: I stress using silicone-free conditioner because leaving conditioner with “cones” in your hair too long can stop moisture from getting in and eventually drive out your hair.

Other fun observation: Maybe it’s because this has been a particularly humid summer in DC, maybe it’s because my hair is not as dry as it used to be or maybe it’s because my hair is now natural: maybe it’s a combination- but when I had a perm I would feel the texture of my hair change the second I touched down in T&T but this time when I came home I noticed no great shift. It was interesting!

I will let you guys know more about my adventures in style as my holiday continues.

With love

Daria & Angela

* My mother collects elephant stuatues and one day we were shopping and fell in love with this majestic white piece. It was probably 2 feet tall and had a flat load on it’s back so we could add a glass table top and make it a centrepiece in the living room. I don’t remember the price but my Mum wasn’t sure how my Dad would feel about the purchase. She asked me how long I thought it would be before my father noticed this white elephant sitting in our living room. I guessed about 2 weeks. Well, fourteen days later my father comes home in the evening and quite confused goes to my mother “BUT HOW LONG WE HAD DAT ELEPHANT IN DE LIVING ROOM?!” and that is my father, bless his heart.


Update on Friday’s style

DC was a record-breaking 106 yesterday and my 1940’s hair stood up pretty well. I was in New York, preparing for my move there, when I heard someone complain about the heat and I thought: This is nothing. You’re further North and your city was not built on a swamp!

I was in both cities yesterday and I tell you, DC wins. But a New York friend of mine cleverly tweeted that no amount of strategically placed baby powder was sufficient for the heat! Lmao! Only a West Indian would say that!

I guess if I can’t stand the heat I should get out of the country! Good thing I am going to Trinidad on Tuesday. Yeah it’s hot but at least there’s a nice island breeze!

See you in Trinidad! D & A

Rock n Roll- Tuck N Roll

Here’s a style I have seen a lot of people rocking from celebs like Solange to Rosie the Riveter so I have decided to try it out for myself.

1- Comb your hair so it is knot-free
2- Using a parting comb, section off a portion of your hair at the front. This should be on one side of your head.
3-Roll the hair section under (into your forehead) using your index finger. Hold it there with your finger.
4- Pin the hair section in place on either side.
5- Place the remaining hair in a side bun for a fun but polished finish.
6- Place a barrette/bandeau/scarf to the side of your new “poof” to accentuate the look. Et Voila! Easy Peasy Japanesey!

If you want to go full on retro, pair it with a cute vintage outfit and/or some retro sunglasses, which are big this season. Like these. (glasses from Forever 21)


Rants and rambles

Just a bunch of stray observations:
-Today I got asked what I used in my hair. The first girl, though running late, stopped me in Target, called her friend over, then followed me to the Shea moisture aisle. You know what I did with my hair today? Nothing! Didn’t even comb it!
-The lady wanted her texture to look like mine and asked if the product would give her that result. I tried to explain that while the curl enhancing smoothie would help with curl definition and moisture, what she saw was the result of genetics, not product. You can’t just slab something in your hair and expect a different curl pattern. And despite my having learnt this long ago (through hearsay, reading and personal experience) that false idea still persists. What we need to do is get rid of this new form of “texturism” that is emerging alongside the natural hair movement and learn to enjoy what we have instead. Forgive me, however, if I didn’t think target was the right place to get on my soapbox.
-Against my better judgement, I am trying a beauty product with a bunch of ingredients I cannot pronounce including cetyl alcohol and amodimethicone. Time to do some research. The product is Tressemé split remedy leave in conditioner. I don’t know how I feel about a leave in with silicones in it because I feel it might suffocate my strands. But I feel like I should get out of my comfort zone and since I am afraid to trim my hair I thought this might help. I saw it in Essence magazine’s top beauty products of 2012. It was cheap at my local CVS. Now I am not expecting this magically restitch my split ends: once hairs are split, they are split. I am hoping this will reduce their occurrence in the future. Here is a section of my hair right now.

-I have been wearing a stubborn red lipstick all day. Nothing would take it off, not the shower, lotions, nothing. So I took my problem to google and got recs like baby oil and Vaseline. None of which I had on hand. The first thing that came up, though, was aloe Vera gel. I had none of this either but thought to myself vegetable glycerin had similar properties. Lo and behold the colour is off!
-I am liking the whole orange lipstick look and tried on MAC “So Chaud” today. I got compliments from other customers at Macy’s but Michael, my
Photographer friend and the only reason I know anything about make-up thinks if I do orange at all I need to go darker.

What do you guys think? Bold and beautiful? Or Bozo the clown?
Red and orange kisses,
Daria and Angela