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Nail Caviar: pretty, impractical

Long before I was a hair girl, I was a nail girl. I almost NEVER had professional manicures but reveled in the ritual of choosing one of my many colours, shaping and buffing my nails applying strengthener and painting away. It was a rare day when you saw me without some screaming hue on my digits. Sometimes it would take forever. I was so meticulous and would have to start over if a damp nail brushed up against some fabric.

Since then I have become a bit more practical about my nails: taking more shortcuts and letting my nails breathe more between colours (an important duty for their health). When I saw the new Ciaté nail caviar on lacedinleather’s blog, I knew there was nothing practical about it…and I wanted it anyway. Last time I went to Sephora it was staring me in the face so of course I got it.

Here’s the good:
It did not take as long to do as I expected. The pink base coat dries so quickly. And of course it looks pretty and fun (like ice cream sprinkles for your nails lol) The instructions are also very clear and helpful. I was worried about the beads rubbing off when I went to bed but they more or less stayed put. My nails still look great.

The bad:
It’s fine when you’re just walking around with your hands swinging but if you squeeze your hand into a small space or rub your hands against anything like a towel (have fun washing your hands) be prepared to feel little beads cascading off your fingertips like ants. Next, God forbid you spill the things. Spilling nail polish is always annoying but spilling the world’s tiniest beads–trying to get them back together is like herding cats. These things roll everywhere and even if you use the tray to collect them some will, inevitably, bounce and roll onto the table.

2) Apply fairly quickly. The colour base is like mascara in that it dries and sets soon after applying.
3) Let the first coat dry a FEW seconds before applying the second but as soon as you apply the second coat, pour the beads. Do not make the mistake I made: I thought I would let the second coat dry slightly to get a bit tacky. However, when I did this, the beads did NOT hold as well.
4) This is common sense (you’d be surprised) but read the directions before starting and then, follow them as you go.
5) Take their advice and put a thin top coat on- but only at the tips.
6) I like the look but it shortens my nails. I think it would look better if my nails were longer.

This manicure is only supposed to last about two days I think so I will probably just use it for certain occasions. I want to get the white beads and the violet as well. I know it’s not practical and I will see how well they hold up at my job: I wear many hats there and today I have to do a cooking demo. :/ This nail set is like that pair of impossible heels. You know you can’t do much or last very long in them but dammit! They’re so pretty you just don’t care!





3 responses to “Nail Caviar: pretty, impractical

  1. thanks for the good review! I have been dying to try this, but I don’t want to spend the money. Perhaps I’ll wait a little longer!

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