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Wedding Bells!

Fun things are happening for my friends in the world of hair. First up, my bestie from college just big chopped and went all natural! Hopefully I can get her permission to show you guys a pic. She looks great (IMHO).

Second, my bestie from middle/ highschool just got engaged. She and her fiancé are making the wise decision to have a longer engagement since they are in the midst of moving back to Trinidad and job hunting. So it will likely be a year or two before I get to be a bridesmaid but I am already looking up dresses and hair with her. I’ve found some great inspiration already on Afrobella These may be of help to some of you since it is wedding season.

The look I choose will largely depend on the dress, however and it will be a while before we pick one, I’m sure. My bestie is someone I trust to not make me look like a clown and I am going to be experimenting with different up-do’s and wedding styles! So look out for those on my blog and my twitter.

Still to come: info on an upcoming play on natural hair. If you are an actress in the Washington DC area and are of African descent (doesn’t matter your hair texture) this may be for you!

Ciao for now,


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