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As this 80 degree DC day shows, summer is near! My favourite time! But before we slip into those bikinis I have to ask every naturalista’s favourite question: What hair products should I use? The only difference is….now I’m not talking about the hair on my head…

before i get sued: I am not saying Selita Ebanks uses this product…but she could!

Here’s a product with a naughty name and nice results. It’s called Coochy after-shave protection mist. It is an after-shave spray that I use on my bikini area, underarms-anywhere I shave-to prevent bumps and irritation and let me tell you, this product is the truth! Here’s a sad fact: curly-haired people are more prone to razor bumps and irritation.This is because instead of growing out, the hair curls back into the skin causing it to become inflamed much like it does when we have a splinter. For straight hair, however, it is easier to penetrate the skin’s surface as it grows. Think of a nail versus a screw: which one can push through a piece of wood more smoothly?

I have been using Coochy spray after shaving and waxing for about two years now to prevent and soothe inflammation and irritation. From the first use I noticed my bumps becoming fewer, smaller and further between. Now, after two years I use the spray less and less. I no longer have to use it after every shave. And who doesn’t love smoother skin? I once had a doctor compliment me on my wax. (Sorry am I oversharing? lol!) Coochy also has a shaving cream, which, I am told can also be used as a conditioner. The cream in my opinion is better than The Art of Shaving’s fancy creams but not as good as my trusty Aveeno. Coochy’s makers also now have a men’s cream (I haven’t tried) called Evolution, which I am pretty sure is just the same cream with a different scent and name because no guy wants to put some floral thing called “Coochy” on his face. Now you can recommend it to boyfriend, hubby, brother or dad. Otherwise could  you imagine? “Hey Dad try this Coochy on your face.” *awwwwwkwarddd*

Disclaimer: before you click the link to buy this product, I warn you, the website is not for the faint of heart. However there are a number of legitimate beauty products on this site as well. (Stripper dust anyone? lol.)

Ok curlies, now that you know the secret: click, like, buy and please keep the dirty jokes to a minimum. My family sometimes reads this.

xoxo. Daria and Angela.


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