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Cost and Value Tips

I’m a big believer in the Marshall’s slogan. “never pay full price for fabulous!” I got most of today’s outfit as hand me downs and I’ve already received quite a few compliments.

When it comes to hair products…that’s usually where I splurge. I don’t wear a lot of make up and 90% of the clothes I own cost me (note: cost me) less than thirty dollars.
So since I know a chunk of my pay is going to Shea Moisture etc. I am trying to figure out ways to save. When I am not reading hair blogs I’m typically checking out Daily Worth, Get Rich Slowly and I Will Teach You To Be Rich.
Here is some consumer advice.

Don’t throw it away just yet. If it’s broke- maybe you can fix it. I am not a fan of the ever popular kinky-curly knot today shampoo/conditioner. I bought a set a while back and have been trying to get rid of it for ages. I finally found a solution for that conditioner. It has done nothing for me in the shower but since it’s a leave-in I decided to add it to my usual spray bottle of water/ olive oil. It actually makes a great detangling/ moisturizing spray! Try using products in different combinations and ways. Don’t confine yourself to the directions on the bottle. This is not a pharmacy prescription.

2)Use products for household chores/ other purposes:
Did you know shampoo can help lift grease stains from clothes? Or that conditioner makes a great shaving cream? (as good as the real thing, if not better). Just because you’ve gone sulphate/ silicone free doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy those products in other ways. Most things have more than one purpose.

3)Stretch your products:
Add olive oil to a a hair product that needs a moisture boost. Add water to products that are too thick. Make them last. If you use Dr.Bronner’s Castille Soap, for example, note on the bottle it says that it  can be diluted.

4)Use baby shampoo. Sulphate-free products like Shea Moisture get expensive. Using tip#3 and adding a little oil to a gentler product like baby shampoo may be the next best thing.

5) Comparison shop. Before trying a new product, check its reviews for gosh sakes! It seems obvious but before I learnt about natural hair I just bought what sounded good on the label. If your friend uses a product then you can ask to try hers before you buy a ten dollar bottle for yourself. Shop around for low prices and check the clearance aisle at your local Target. Lastly, remember to check the quantity of a product. If you have two similar products check the price per ounce. Is it worth it to save that dollar on the 8 oz. jar when the 12 oz. jar of a similar product is a dollar more?

6) Make your own: calculate- is it cheaper to buy groceries and make your product or buy the product itself? Example: $20.00 worth of groceries will be enough to make 4-6 times one Diva Smooth bottle (it’s called a caramel treatment. YouTube it) and still have some ingredients like grapeseed oil left over. However is it cheaper to buy and boil flaxseed or just get a tub of ecostyler gel? (I have never tried to do either so I couldn’t tell you) l guarantee there is a kitchen recipe or homemade alternative to almost anything you want to put in your hair. Just ask or even Mr. Google. Then compare the cost of buying vs. making. You can check the prices of groceries on many store websites like Usually these recipes can be made rather quickly.

Hope I helped, guys. Here is a pic of my hair, nicely slicked back after spritzing with the kinky- curly mix.


I will be updating this post, adding helpful links for these guidelines later today so stay tuned.


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