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Mini (well kinda) twists part 2…

Note: This was originally posted on 24 March 2012 to a different section of my wordpress. I apologize for not correcting this error sooner. The conclusion of this three part series is coming today.


After a one day hiatus I finished the second half of my head on Thursday. Turned out pretty well I must say.

I had a little more trouble with the back as anticipated. Since I hadn’t done this style immediately after a wash my scalp was starting to get itchy and not so nice within days so I followed Naptural85’s (I love this girl more and more every day) advice and washed my hair with an old stocking cap on, letting the shampoo and conditioner soak through. It worked fairly well. I may also try a modified version of the technique: washing with a braid cylinder, since the stocking cap was good but not perfect. I got a little frizz as you can see here.

20120324-182924.jpg and a lot of shrinkage.


The strands that were particularly fuzzy wuzzy got a quick re-twisting with my Shea moisture gel. I waited for them to dry somewhat first so the twists would hold better. That seems like a small price to pay when I consider the alternative: washing my open hair and retwisting from scratch.

To dry my hair, I mostly used my warm, high diffuser but those twists hold a lot of water and get pretty heavy so I very gently- so as not to cause frizz- squeezed ( not rubbed!) sections of my hair with an old, cotton pillow case.

As for shrinkage, I wrapped my twists around my head like I would a relaxer to stretch my hair. That helped somewhat but I was not completely satisfied so I just pulled it down into a tight, low ponytail so the ends of my hair will have a nice bounce and curl from the washing but the top should be stretched enough to give me the length I want.

So far so good! Til next time!


About Daria-Ann

Daria-Ann Martineau was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago. She received an MFA in poetry writing from NYU. She is an alumna of the Callaloo Creative Writing Workshop, The Saltonstall Arts Colony and the Bread Loaf Writers Conference. Her work has been published in The Collagist, Narrative Magazine and Kinfolks Quarterly, among others. In 2014, she was named one of Narrative's "30 below 30" and her poem, "Mine" was chosen as one of their "Top Five Poems of the Week" for 2013-14. She lives in Washington, DC.

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