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Mini Twists: The dramatic conclusion

A long overdue update:

After I created my mini-twist look I realised that, though they looked great they just weren’t- well- “mini” enough. I then decided to divide each of my twists into their two strands and retwist those so the twists were half their original size. They still weren’t as small as some others I have seen but they were respectable. Hell- They looked awesome- yeah I said it! My boyfriend walked in on me twisting and smirked “You look reeeeaaaalll Caribbean right now.” I thanked him for the compliment and reminded him that he had dreads. (Although here I think that just makes you look like a DC local.) All in all, it took about three hours to create those smaller twists. They looked like this…

…that is until they started to frizz up. I washed them once and felt like the shampoo and conditioner were not getting enough direct contact with my scalp to clean it thoroughly. My scalp felt flaky and itchy much like it does when I don’t wash for more than a week and a half AND my top twists still frizzed up so about 2 days later I had to redo them. I kept them for probably another 5 days after that. The times I’m giving are estimates but all in all the whole experiment lasted just over two weeks.

I did LOVE the look though. I even did a photo shoot with my photographer friend Michael while wearing this look (pictured above). I liked having long hair that I could fling about- hair that sleekly framed my face, hair I could manipulate with ease. I forgot what that looked like and I did get lots of compliments. The other cool thing was that I could put my hair in new styles. Creating a false side-fringe, for example, is a lot easier to control with twists than with single, wispy strands or untamed curls. (More on that in another post) and most importantly, my hair was just so controllable! As my hair has grown, I haven’t been able to roll out of bed and wear it as is. As much as I miss that, I am not sure I want to sacrifice the length I am gaining for it. With the twists I could just roll out of bed and go.

The twists were fairly easy to take out. There were a few problem strands where I must not have parted as carefully and some twists were so small I missed removing them completely (That is until I ran my comb through and snagged on them- OUCH!) For about two days after I walked around with my hair in a mini twist-out. Here’s a picture.

I do want to try this look again. I will try to keep it longer by:

  1. putting it on freshly washed hair so I don’t wash as soon
  2. wrapping my twists every night like I would a relaxer (I’m lazy but whenever I did it it made a huge difference!)
  3. washing with a braid cylinder instead of a stocking (has anyone tried this?)
  4. trying a dry shampoo to avoid washing as much. (If I can find a good one and not have my twists look all powdery).

Now I’m onto Naptural85’s Beach Wave look. I miss the twists but they will be back.


Daria and Angela

For more amazing photography check out mac13 on flickr.


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