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Mini (well kinda…)twists: Part 1

Angela is getting a little unruly. She’s too long for a fro. She gets in my face and is really floppy so when my hair is out I look like the guy from LMFAO. BUT I don’t want to cut her. I want to see how long she can grow and I want to try different things. I did some research on the great scientific resource that is YouTube and looked at some styles. I thought about a blowout but DC in Spring is a very damp place. I didn’t want to do all that straightening for nothing. I turned to one of my favourite vloggers, naptural85 and revisited her mini twist videos.

I had tried to little avail to twist my hair in the past: They unravelled. They were too thick and puffed up. They didn’t fall the way I wanted… Sigh. But I checked out a few videos and got a pretty good idea of how to do it.

First thing I needed was to blow out my curls just a little. Just to stretch them. This would stop them from puffing up so much in the twists. This was pretty simple. I had washed my hair Monday night and worn my hair in my go-to protective style that Tuesday (bun with a flat-twist across the front) so my hair wasn’t completely dried and was somewhat stretched already. It’s best I detangle your hair with a wide toothed comb before blow drying. Then, for the first time ever I used the comb attachment on my blowdryer. I started on cool and high settings and went to warm and high settings- NEVER hot. I also started at the ends and went to the roots just like I would if I were combing. I discovered my hair had some good length with just a little bit of stretching.


Hair all blown out

Then I parted my hair into four sections (front to back and side to side) and followed the video instructions, parting each section into tiny rows and being careful to make clean, tiny parts. The main product I used was my Shea Moisture curling soufflé.

I only did the front half of my head and it took just over 2 hours ( I could hear housemates watching SVU in the I tried to do my hair in a cool half-up/half-down look that looked great until I stepped outside. I had put vegetable glycerine in my hair before I decided to twist and it was misty outside so the combination of a humectant product and the moisture in the air had my nicely stretched hair proofing up in 2 seconds! I put it into a bun.


Will have to blow it out again tonight.

I anticipate the second half will take longer because the back is harder to reach and I can’t see what I’m doing. Wish me luck!
To be continued…


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