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My ATL weekend

This weekend I have taken my first visit to Smyrna, GA, a suburb of Atlanta. On the flight down I sat next to a lady with a fabulous braided up-do. We got to talking and it turns out she has a salon/spa on DC’s famous Georgia Ave! I will be checking her out but she only gave me her card and admitted she created the look after talking a while. She apparently doesn’t give her card to just anyone (flattered!) and is in town for the Bronner Bros. Hair Show ( get it!)

The weather has been chilly but more late fall than winter, with lots of rain. W/o my usual hair supplies in tow I whipped up a deep conditioner with what I had available to me. This included apple cider vinegar, two puréed bananas, vegetable glycerine, honey and the last teaspoon of olive oil. Then I washed my hair with a Kera Care anti-dandruff shampoo that contained *gasp* sulphates. I have always had problems with dry, itchy scalp. Dandruff is one cause of a dry scalp but I’m not in fact sure that’s what I have. I’ve had little success with anti dandruff shampoos in the past. I thought using an anti dandruff shampoo wouldn’t hurt and as for using sulphates this one time…I think of it like the 80-20 diet rule. Sometimes you’re hungry and McDonald’s is the only thing open. *shrugs*

Well this was like eating McDonald’s after eating filet mignon for six straight months. I have been sulphate free since June and washing with Kera care made my curls feel relatively crunchier and harder. My hair has become a snob. What can I say? As for my deep treatment, well I wish I had more olive oil and the banana left a few yellow flakes when it dried. I usually use baby food rather than pureeing the banana myself. So much better.

I am hoping the veggie glycerine I’ve recently started using (more on that in a post to come) will help add some softness. It’s raining outside and my glycerine should attract the moisture. I love being natural because I can get my hair wet no problem! Embrace the moisture!

Also, I did try a new product: l’anza solutions hair repair, protein enhanced leave-in. We’ll see how my hair fares at the end of this weekend.


Adios curls!


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