Ok so we all know when I’m not “fro-ing” it up I’m all about the twist-outs/ BKO’s (bantu knot-outs). But in the beginning, I couldn’t figure out how to protect them from a second-day slump. How did I keep my curls from getting crushed in my sleep and sending me running back to the shower to re-wash and re-twist? Enter the pineapple method…

It’s simple to do. Your curls will not be perfect the next morning but they will be workable. Your curls will stretch somewhat, which will give you added length. You can control how much stretch/length you give them to an extent.
I will use this flat-twist-out, reborn the next day, as an example.


Step one:
Gather your hair in a loose bun/pony at the top of your head.


Step 2
Tie a satin scarf around your head. I tend to tie it around the back and in the front, leaving the top open.


Step 3


I’m going. I’m going…
…the next morning…


This method is also great for preserving certain updo’s like the pompadour. Wrap it in the same way and watch it shine the next day. (lol I’m corny).

Peace, love and curliness,


Mercury Poisoning from Skin-Lightening Creams

Just read this crazy article about skin-lightening creams containing mercury! While I have (unsuccessfully) tried creams to fade spots and scars, I have never prescribed to the image of lighter skin as a sign of beauty and thank God I don’t if this is what happens!

My ATL weekend

This weekend I have taken my first visit to Smyrna, GA, a suburb of Atlanta. On the flight down I sat next to a lady with a fabulous braided up-do. We got to talking and it turns out she has a salon/spa on DC’s famous Georgia Ave! I will be checking her out but she only gave me her card and admitted she created the look after talking a while. She apparently doesn’t give her card to just anyone (flattered!) and is in town for the Bronner Bros. Hair Show ( get it!)

The weather has been chilly but more late fall than winter, with lots of rain. W/o my usual hair supplies in tow I whipped up a deep conditioner with what I had available to me. This included apple cider vinegar, two puréed bananas, vegetable glycerine, honey and the last teaspoon of olive oil. Then I washed my hair with a Kera Care anti-dandruff shampoo that contained *gasp* sulphates. I have always had problems with dry, itchy scalp. Dandruff is one cause of a dry scalp but I’m not in fact sure that’s what I have. I’ve had little success with anti dandruff shampoos in the past. I thought using an anti dandruff shampoo wouldn’t hurt and as for using sulphates this one time…I think of it like the 80-20 diet rule. Sometimes you’re hungry and McDonald’s is the only thing open. *shrugs*

Well this was like eating McDonald’s after eating filet mignon for six straight months. I have been sulphate free since June and washing with Kera care made my curls feel relatively crunchier and harder. My hair has become a snob. What can I say? As for my deep treatment, well I wish I had more olive oil and the banana left a few yellow flakes when it dried. I usually use baby food rather than pureeing the banana myself. So much better.

I am hoping the veggie glycerine I’ve recently started using (more on that in a post to come) will help add some softness. It’s raining outside and my glycerine should attract the moisture. I love being natural because I can get my hair wet no problem! Embrace the moisture!

Also, I did try a new product: l’anza solutions hair repair, protein enhanced leave-in. We’ll see how my hair fares at the end of this weekend.


Adios curls!

A Moral (& Fashion) Dilemma

Like I promised you guys, not all my posts would be about hair. This weekend I got into a little ethical pickle involving a party dress. It was one of my girlies’s bday and we were all ordered to come out in our best dresses and heels for a night at a popular downtown DC lounge.

Being kind of a homebody, I’ve put off updating my party gear for a while. I decided it was time for a new look. I went to the mall near my house and checked out the local Macy’s and JC Penny. That’s fancy for me. I’m mostly a Target and Marshall’s kind of girl.(My designer stuff all came from Filene’s or Nordstrom Rack but I digress…) I tried on a dress that had several elements I love: strapless and colourful with a cool print. Plus it was Baby Phat, which I hadn’t cared for since High School. Impressive: Kudos, Kimora!

The dress cost more than I had wanted to spend and with its distinctive pattern I wondered if I could wear it again without looking like a repeat offender. It being the last in my size, I bought the dress Friday night thinking if I found anything else shopping Saturday, I would return it. No luck at the H&M type stores so I stuck with the dress from before and stepped out looking fabulous.

The next day I tried to see if the dress needed a wash but despite my dancing the night away to Whitney Houston (RIP) it still looked and smelled clean. Then I saw the tag was still inside the dress…I could, potentially return it if it wasn’t going to be worth it to me. You know the math: cost of dress/ number of times worn= real cost of dress.

What do you do when you have a moral, economic, and fashion crisis all rolled into one? Take it to Facebook, I decided. I posted a picture and briefly explained my dilemma, eliciting a “shame on you” for my big sister/ moral compass/ fashion junkie for even entertaining the idea. The same number of people expressed moral indignation as said it would be okay to return the dress if I didn’t think I would use it again. I was surprised nobody said what I had always said about buying with intent to return, which is that it’s just tacky. One friend even joked she owned a price tag gun in case she ever changed her mind. Most people said keep the dress because it looked good on me and I would probably find occasion to wear it again.

I had to agree. It would be a shame to part with my pretty dress once we bonded over Whitney. Besides, my sister raised a good point: it wasn’t fair to the person who would buy the dress after me. My boyfriend raised another good point: that was that person’s concern. It’s the buyer’s responsibility to make sure the product is right when you buy it but I hate when stores toot that, citing a “no refund” policy. Those are usually stores to which I never return. What did I do? I cut the tag off. Yay for ethics and a pretty dress!