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Knowing the Basics

You think you know but you have no idea * serious face*. Okay but really do you know how to comb your hair? I couldn’t tell you how many times I have seen a woman going GODZILLA on her hair with a simple comb and brush! I could hear her poor little hairs snapping so I have to ask…do you know how to comb your hair? Properly?! Tell the truth.

I hated combing my hair. As a little girl, I remember my hair (and I have LOTS) being tugged and pulled every which way. I would almost cry and get told to “stop moving!” Like hello?! Maybe if you stopped pulling my hair so hard, my little head and body could stop following! Man I used to see a comb and run! *sobs on therapist’s couch*

Ok sorry. I’m done reliving my childhood trauma. So here are the comb and brush basics. Here’s the thing about brushing. Don’t do it. Unless you have straight hair I wouldn’t recommend it in the least. All it’s going to do is snag in your precious coils and snap them. The best advice I’ve read about curly hair is this: treat it like a fine piece of silk. There are just certain things silk is not meant to do ( you don’t wash silk with detergent! You don’t expose silk to excessive heat!) Same with curly hair.

Now when you comb your hair you need, most importantly, a wide toothed comb. If you don’t have one, try it and you will see the difference from finer toothed combs.

Remember hair is most pliant when it’s wet so the best time to comb is after conditioning. I wash my hair once a week (deep treat, shampoo, condition) and detangle in the shower. I let the conditioner sit a few minutes so it can penetrate and make detangling easier. Then I take the comb to it. If your hair is really tangled then gently finger comb starting from the ends and working the way up. After, do the same with the comb. Doing this slowly and gently is the best way to combat knots.

“But Daria,” you’re probably saying. “Am I only supposed to comb my hair once a week then?” of course not. Over-combing and manipulation can break your hair but not combing enough will quickly lead to knots and that leads to breakage. I never go more than a day without combing, personally. Figure out what works for you.

When you’re between conditionings and combatting SSK’s (single strand knots) and other nasty hair deviants, use a spray bottle of water and your favourite oils/ aloe vera juice/ veggie glycerin/ whatever moisturisers you favour. Spritz and dampen your hair, then comb in sections from ends to roots. Then seal and style as desired.

Wooh! Believe it or not, it’s easier done than said. So have at it.

Til next time, curls.

PS: My hair’s finally long enough to make a (messy) bun. Time for a length check? *eyes blow dryer * *cue Psycho theme music.


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