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Time for some TLC

Day 1…

This has been a rough week on my hair (partly my fault, I’ll admit). The weather’s been terrible and I haven’t been detangling. I have just been slapping some moisturiser (curl enhancing smoothie) over it. Despite some efforts to at least oil my scalp, it’s still feeling a bit dry so I’ve bought some Shea Moisture African Black Soap Balancing Conditioner (what a name!) I put it on my scalp and (lightly spritzed) hair to seep in overnight, then wrapped it up in a satin scarf. Tomorrow I will do my regular yoghurt routine and let you know how it turns out. We’ll see how my scalp feels at the end of the week but here are my first impressions:
It has a thinner consistency than my restorative shea moisture conditioner and it smells like black soap (which smells like plantains since that’s what it’s made from). Now I love plantains but I’m not sure I want to walk around smellin’ like Sunday lunch. However I will say my scalp feels so far so good. Even when I put coconut oil on my scalp it helps only minimally. This is better so far. This conditioner is not a leave-in they say. However I use rinse out conditioners as leave-ins all the time. (see my “emergency wash n go” post) As Kanye says “who’s gon’ stop me huh?!” 😛

Day 2…

I was too lazy to do the yoghurt and figured, as it said on the bottle, the conditioner was a good enough pre-poo on its own. By the time I washed my hair this morning my knots had melted away. I washed, and used the last of my moisture retention conditioner and some of the new black soap conditioner (both by Shea moisture). Then dried with an old cotton pillowcase (I use satin ones now but waste not, want not!) then did my usual coconut oil (mostly on the scalp), curl smoothie (tinier bit than usual) and gel (kccc).Then scrunch and I’m off. Seems to have a good shape so far and my hair is as soft as if I’d made one of my usual Deep Treatments. So I guess I’ve found a lazy solution. Let me know what you think.

xox D


One response to “Time for some TLC

  1. KGB ⋅

    Great advice D. Im sure I’ll need to try soon…

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